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Classically trained from early childhood, Josie Phelan's emotive music is a synthesis of styles from ancient to modern, as well as from around the world. Imagine Celtic, Experimental and World Fusion woven into an exotic tapestry of harmony with ambient bliss throughout. Her music will draw the listener into places that feel carved on the soul, and wistfully remembered, yet that are also new frontiers. Josie plays a unique electric 5-stringed Jensen cello with incredible range and tone as well as a rare bowed ancient Chinese instrument called the rijak that lend themselves to this evocative effect.

"To play totally in the moment," Josie reflects, "is a real leap forward in feeling and channeling creative energy."

Her eclectic career includes years of intuitive energy work, body mechanics for musicians, teaching cello and composition. Josie relocated to Nashville, TN in 2000 and released her latest solo project, "VSNAYA, Siren Songs of the Electric Cello," on the summer solstice of 2008. She recently made the move from the lush green of Portland, OR, to the soft sands of Hollywood,FL. Josie's newest projects included the blending of her musical compositions with both healing work and live dance!






* Healing thru Music AND Dance! ~ please enjoy this 1st video below ~

Faerie Dansa at Stonehenge






























* The below video is of the award winning film documentary "Surviving History." Josie's lastest CD comprises the soundtrack for this moving film.


by Living Imprint

Soundtrack featuring songs from VSNAYA

Surviving History


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